Free Databases for Research

So, you have some research to do but Google just isn't delivering? Try one of these free online databases instead! Wondering about reliability, credibility, or just if what you find meets your teacher's criteria? What you'll find through these databases will be published materials that most often meet those needs.



Helpful Links in TEL

Main TEL Site- Access all that TEL has to offer from here.

High School Resources Main- Use the linked databases to find resources appropriate for your typical high school research assignments.

Test Prep- College and career information, scholarship help, and test prep practice tests for ACT and SAT


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JSTOR is another database where you can access some content for free.

Open Content on JSTOR 

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Another option to try is Google Scholar.  Like Google, Google Scholar is a search engine, but it searches a smaller portion of the web to return only published and scholarly literature.   

Google Scholar Main Page 

Try the Advanced Search option from the left side menu for even more efficient searching. 

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Databases for Primary Sources

If your teacher specifies that you need primary sources for your work, here are a few free databases to try.

National Archives

Docs Teach

LIFE Photo Archive

Avalon Project

TN Primary Sources