Ms. Salamy- English 3

I’m With the Band    

This assignment consists of four major parts:

  • Band/group history 

  • band catalog

  • career options

  • presentation of music

200 points total (50 for each part)

You may work on this with a partner, but you both must turn in your own PARTS ONE and THREE.



Students will choose an artist, band or musical group (dead or alive from any genre) and research their origins and history through current day.  Two-three pages typed in MLA format.  You must have at least two reliable sources.  Include one review of a song or album from a periodical (magazine or newspaper).



Create a catalog of the groups’ music- albums, dates released, where it was recorded, success or failure and anything else you think is important.  You can include album covers and song listings. This will help you build your presentation. Choose one song to analyze explaining the lyrics and figurative language (the TP-CASTT worksheet will help here).



Career options- Decide what kind of job you would like to have working for the band.  Maybe you would like to be the drummer, the cook, the promotions person, a stagehand, the bus driver, the person who runs the soundboard or maybe the kids’ nanny.  Create a resume highlighting your experience (embellish as much as you want) and write a cover letter explaining why you are the perfect person for the job.  There are plenty of templates for this on-line.



Presentation- Create a powerpoint or Google slide presentation to showcase the music of the band.  You should include things like album covers, pictures of the band, concert footage and whatever else might represent the musician(s). Students will present to the class.