Spotting Fake News 

Can you tell which of the news articles below is fake and which is real?

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If you said A is fake news and B is real news, congratulations! You're right! 

Sometimes spotting fake news can be easy, but you need some tools to help you in case you come across an article, website, or video you're just not sure about. 

Checking for Reliability

Use these methods to determine if an article or website is reliable.

Consult a Fact Checker

Have you read something that just doesn't seem quite right to you?

Try finding more information about the topic on one of these fact checking sites. 


The Washington Post's Fact Checker

Fact Check


Sunlight Foundation

Put Your Skills to the Test

Try out your skills at spotting fake news!

These websites have interactive quizzes comparing real and fake news articles!

Can You Spot the Fake News Story?

Fact or Fake? Can You Tell the Difference Online?

Can You Pick Out 2018's Top Fake News Stories?

Can You Spot the Fake News Headline?

Don't Forget about Databases!

Remember that the databases and other resources available to you through the TN Electronic Library are typically reliable, credible, and trustworthy. It's unlikely that fake news articles make their way into those databases.

TN TEL Highschool Dashboard 

Still Confused?

Check out these helpful videos!

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